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So what has been showing astrologically in the horoscopes of Prince William and Kate Middleton during 2009-10? Let's have a look at the significant areas of their Horoscopes to see a how they behave. Next we will check out their Compatibility Horoscope to see how they get on together. And then let’s check their Marriage Horoscope Chart, to see how the marriage will go. Last but not least, let’s take a sneak at the Marriage Horoscope Chart of William’s parents, Prince Charles & Princess Diana.

Engagement & Marriage

Prince William became engaged to Kate Middleton in late October 2010 while they were on holidays together in Kenya. They are to be married on 29 April 2011 in Westminster Abbey, London. The ceremony is to begin around 11 AM, so the marriage bonds will be exchanged somewhere around 11:20 AM.


Prince William’s Transits 2009-12

The relationship between William and Kate most likely began between March and December 2002 with transiting Uranus 90 to William’s Venus. It was especially intense in the last four months of that year. This shows a sudden, intense, “love at first sight” (Uranus) love affair (Venus).

Prince William is a poor decision maker, lives in Noddy Land and has a life which will be full of crises, as is indicated by his Neptune conjunct (0) Ascendant. So I am suspicious that this relationship can last any length of time.

The Sun/Moon midpoint (halfway between the Sun and the Moon) is called the marriage axis in astrology. The Sun symbolizes the husband and the Moon the wife.  Throughout 2009, transiting Pluto was 180 to Prince William’s Sun /Moon midpoint. This indicates a soul torn apart emotionally and the end of a major relationship or marriage.  

Transiting Neptune was 90 to Prince William's Venus between March -- July 2009 and February and October -- November 2010. This indicates great disappointment and disillusionment (Neptune) in his love life (Venus).

Great trauma is shown in Prince William’s love life during 2009-10. What is indicated is the end of a major relationship. However, Prince William lives in Noddy Land.  

Transiting Pluto is 180 from Prince William’s Moon, which in his seventh out of marriage, throughout 2010-11. It is triggering off the marriage next April. The solar eclipse conjunct (0) to his Moon in early July 2011 also indicates a major emotional change within two months either side of this event, which of course covers the marriage date.

Both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret had horrendous times leading up to their marriages, and afterwards. Prince William will have transiting Saturn 90 and transiting Neptune 135 to his Node between April and August 2011. It shows mourning and bereavement through this time.

 Transiting Neptune 135 to Prince William’s Node between March and December 2011 shows an undermining of relationships with others and difficulties adjusting to communal life.

Transiting Neptune will be 135 from Prince William’s Saturn in the three months after his marriage and right to the end of 2012. This strongly suggests a period of depression, illness and a family crisis. It is not looking like a happy time for the marriage.

Throughout 2012, transiting Neptune will be going through Prince William's Saturn and Uranus. This suggests the inability to face emotional stresses, resigning oneself to the inevitable, separation, mourning and bereavement.

Could Prince William's marriage be on the rocks from the very beginning and go downhill from there? I have researched the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. That marriage was very much on the rocks within a very short period of time.


Kate Middleton’s Transits 2009-11

I do not know Kate Middleton's birth time. This makes it much more difficult for me to predict what is happening in her life.

In July 2010 and in January 2011, there are solar eclipses 180 and conjunct (0) Kate Middleton's Sun. This indicates a pronounced change taking place in her life (Sun) during this time.

If Kate Middleton was born somewhere around the middle of the day, then solar eclipses 180 and conjunct (0) her Moon will take place in January and early July 2011 respectively. This would indicate a major change in a love affair or marriage.

Assuming Kate Middleton is born around the middle of the day, transiting Pluto will be 90 from her Sun/Moon midpoint (marriage axis) in the next 3-5 years. This indicates a soul torn apart emotionally and the end of a major relationship or marriage. It doesn't necessarily mean there will be a separation that will be made clear and apparent to the public. The British Royal family rarely produces happy marriages nor indeed happy princes, princesses or Queens.  


Horoscope of Prince William


Neptune conjunct (0) Ascendant. He is very impressionable, is unreliable, can tell lies, has an addictive nature (drugs, alcohol), will have a very unstable life (consider the dramas of his mother, Princess Diana), will become involved in scandals (without knowing he is “getting in too deep”), can become dominated by others.

Sun opposition (180) Neptune. He is naive, has an addictive nature, makes plans without the power to carry them through, is a person who is exploited by others, gets involved in scandals, has a chaotic life.

Sun conjunct (0) Moon. Wanting to be married (Sun = husband, Moon = wife), especially so as both these planets are in his 7th house of marriage.

Venus 135 Mars. A disharmonious sex life. A sudden outbursts of extreme passion followed by a quick reaction of coolness. A strong tendency to have mistresses. (Every prince in his family for a millennia has done this.)

Saturn 90 Node. Great difficulties in cooperating with others.

Saturn 45 Uranus. Kicking against the limitation of freedom. The tendency to cause unrest within one's environment. Provocative or aggressive behavior.

When William becomes King, the British Monarchy may well face its greatest crisis, unless he is kept under very tight control. His horoscope indicates a life which is “out of control”.


Horoscope of Kate Middleton

Horoscope Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s birth time is not known, so I used midday. This chart still shows significant telling information about her life and personality. She is a formidable person.

Sun 45 Uranus. She is a troublemaker, a muddle-head, is self-willed (she will not take orders), a rebel.

Saturn conjunct (0) Pluto. The ability to make record efforts of the highest possible order. (Her parents have made a fortune). The ability to perform the most difficult work using extreme self-discipline. A violent person. When she gets angry, she could be quite scarey or severe. The ability to gain a position of power and authority.

Sun 90 Saturn. A serious person who had a strong inferiority complex when younger. The tendency to be a pessimist. Wanting to live a secluded life - this may make it very difficult for her to live in the public eye.

Saturn 45 Uranus. Kicking against the limitation of freedom. The tendency to cause unrest within one's environment. Provocative or aggressive behavior.

Saturn 90 Node. Great difficulties in cooperating with others.

Venus 45 Neptune. Artistic. Wrong ways of love, like marrying the wrong person.

Jupiter 90 Venus. The last of the BIG spenders! Wastefulness. A love conflict. Artistic.   


Compatibility Horoscope of Prince William & Kate Middleton

William & Kate Horoscopes

I have no doubt that Kate Middleton will “wear the pants” in this marriage. She is an incredibly  formidable person. Prince William could not make a correct decision to save his own life. His horoscope reminds me of those incompetent aristocratic fools in charge of the British Army during World War I who sent millions of British soldiers over the top of the trenches into curtains of machinegun fire and certain death for no other reason but bloody-minded stupidity.

Kate’s Saturn is conjunct (0) William’s Pluto. Saturn Pluto combinations between two people can be brutal, leading to a war breaking out between them. I cannot see this turning out well.

Kate's Neptune is conjunct (0) William’s Ascendant. This can lead to serious misunderstandings and confusion (Neptune) between the couple.  

Kate’s Mars is 135 William’s Venus. This can indicate sexual incompatibility, though initially the attraction would be strong.


Marriage Horoscope of Prince William & Kate Middleton

William & Kate Marriage

Saturn Neptune combinations often appear in our celestial sky when significant events occur within the British Royal family. Saturn Neptune combinations relate to depression, emotional suffering and other serious illnesses such as cancer. William and Kate's marriage will take place with Saturn 135 Neptune, it seems to indicate the emotional crises that may well haunt the royal couple.

Venus 90 Pluto can indicate extraordinary strains and stresses in their love life.

Venus 180 Saturn can indicate difficulties in their love life, scenes of jealousy and separation.

 Sun 45 Moon can indicate disharmony between the partners.

Saturn conjunct (0) Pluto, both 90 Venus, can indicate estrangement and alienation in the relationship. (Sadly, it looks like a repeat of the marriage between Charles and Diana.)

Jupiter conjunct (0) Mars can indicate a fortunate business deal or marriage.


Marriage Horoscope of Prince Charles & Diana Spencer

Charles & Diana Marriage

Jupiter conjunct (0) Saturn and Ascendant. An inconstant and insecure environment and atmosphere, leading to separation.

Sun 45 Neptune. Chaotic conditions. Entanglement in scandals. The marriage simply runs out of gas. Plans without the power to carry them through.

Jupiter 90 Mars. Maritial (Jupiter) conflicts (Mars).

Mars 90 Saturn. Disputes and conflict leading to separation. Suggestions by one partner meeting complete opposition from the other.

 Venus 45 Pluto. Extraordinary strains and stresses in the love life. Extreme jealousy.

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