Athletes. How To Prevent Injury Using Astrology.

From your date, time and place of birth I can help you train to prevent injury. I can predict long in advance "critical" health/ potential injury days or periods in time. A classic example follows:

Nathan Buckley, Collingwood Football Club Captain, Predictions made for 2005-06

This letter was sent to Michael Malthouse, Coach, Collingwood Football Club in April 2005. I wrote it on 20 Dec 2004. A summary follows: "Do you know it is possible from a footballer’s (or any other athlete's) birth date, using astrology, to accurately predict within a day or two of when he may get sick or injured?.... Nathan Buckley will have serious energy and or health problems between April and mid July 2005 and between October and Nov 2006, and to a lesser extent during this two year period. The first signs could be him feeling “exhausted all the time”, beginning in April 2005. These observations are based on his birth date being 26 July 1972. During this time Neptune (in the sky) will be opposite his Mars, bringing extreme tiredness, potential to pull muscles, to get glandular fever, injure his back, etc. Essentially, he will have 50% of the energy he normally has."

Buckley only played one game between April and mid July! Malthouse rejected my predictions. He was wrong.

Buckley's transit graph for 2005 clearly shows transiting Neptune in Aquarius during April-June exactly opposite his Mars in Leo. This indicates a serious "health/ energy crisis" during this time.

Buckley's transits 2005

1. If you look down the right hand side of the transit graph you will see Buckley's planets at his birth. Right down the bottom you can see Pluto (29 Virgo 53) and Jupiter (29 Sagittarius 54). This exact square (90 degrees) indicates "wealth". He makes over AUD 400 000 per year.
2. At the top of the same column you will see Buckley's Mars at 17 Leo 14. Mars is 43 degrees from his Pluto. This semi-square (45 degrees) indicates a "fearless warrior and athlete".
3. The close astrological aspects between Buckley's Jupiter, Mars and Pluto indicate "the ability to inspire others with enthusiasm, the desire for achieving great things".

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